B12 shots to prevent your labor day hangover

Prevent your hangove with a b12 shot

If you are guilty of overindulging on a few adult beverages during a long weekend, understand you are not alone. Holidays, trips, special events and long weekends are a cause for many Americans to let loose and have a good time. Sometimes that party attitude can result in some of us getting a bit carried away and overdoing it on the drinks “just a little bit”. While I am not trying to encourage anyone to drink in excess, I know that trying to advise you to monitor your drinking will be equally futile. With this in mind I will briefly explain some causes of a hangover and how vitamin b12 shots and other tips may help in reducing the pain the following morning.

These are the most common hangover symptoms

  • Dehydration
  • Headache
  • Fatigue

How do hangovers happen?

One of the causes of a hangover is that when the body starts taking in alcohol it blocks the creation of an anti-diuretic hormone resulting in liquids entering the kidneys instead of being absorbed by the body. This causes you to begin the dehydration process which can leave you feeling weak and with a dry mouth. The increase in urination also causes sodium and potassium in your body to be depleted which can cause headaches. Additionally glucose is converted from glycogen in the liver which may result in feeling weak the following day.

Another issue happens as your body starts to metabolize the alcohol. When alcohol is absorbed and metabolized it creates a toxin called acetaldehyde which is then attacked in part by the antioxidant glutathione. Glutathione however is quickly depleted leaving behind the toxins which can make one feel ill and even lead to alcohol poisoning.

How can you prevent hangovers?

  • Drink in moderation- no brainer but if you are reading this you will likely skip this step.
  • Eat Fatty foods before drinking- Fat sticks to the lining of the stomach and slows the absorption of alcohol
  • Drink plenty of water- Water helps fight dehydration and also dilutes the alcohol in the stomach. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your alcoholic binge.
  • Glutathione- Eat foods that contain glutathione such as avocado, broccoli or even watermelons. Alternately you can opt for a glutathione shot which will boost your levels immediately and at a higher levels than eating.
  • B12 shots- Vitamin b12 helps with metabolism, energy, mood and neurological processes in addition it is a powerful antioxidant that can help carry away toxins in the body. A b12 shot has a sufficient dose and stays elevated in the body for several days. This is an ideal supplement to take prior to any celebration.

While keeping your drinks spread out and minimizing the amount of alcohol you imbibe will be the best “preventative medicine” I am certain, at least for some this will fall on deaf ears. That being the case be sure to plan accordingly in order to feel better the following morning, the advice above can help reduce the amount of pain that will be felt the day after your celebration.

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